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Office 365- Email and Documents


Microsoft Office 365 allows you to store your chosen emails and documents offsite in the 'cloud'. You can then access your emails and information anywhere over the internet. Office 365 also gives you access to a range of applications and software that make document management easier and allows your team to collaborate easily.

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 What are the benefits?

Send more and Store more

Office 365 offers up to 25 GB worth of inbox space and allows you to send emails up to 10GB. You can also easily store your documents in the cloud and simply grant access to those who need to review or contribute to it, rather than sending large emails back and forth. Office 365 also enables you to review previous draft version of your document so you can see how ideas have progressed. In addition, you also receive a private area to store your own documents which no one else can see. This frees up space on your hard drive and enables your computer to run more effectively.


Web aps like SharePoint Online also allow your company to collaborate more easily and in real-time. In fact, several people can be working on the same document at once, seeing changes that have been made instantly in a shared workspace. This workspace can also be used for brainstorming, sharing large documents and creating project timelines. Office 365 also gives you an integrated calendar which allows employees to view their colleague’s timetables (unless information has been marked as private), plan meetings and set reminders for events. 

Greater security

By hosting your emails and documents in the cloud using you never have to worry about the loss of data as it is continually backed up and monitored by Microsoft IT professionals.  Office 365 uses a series of safety measures to ensure your data receives the highest level of protection. Firstly, your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer and goes into the cloud. Then it is stored within secure data centres which have the benefits of increased security. You also don’t need to worry about in-house virus’s destroying your data as it will be stored safely in the cloud.


With Microsoft Office 365, any user can access information anywhere there is an internet connection including on their iPhone or Blackberry (as long as they have been granted permission). Even if your server is broken or an individual computer experiences IT difficulties, you will still be able to access your emails and documents as they are maintained by the cloud, not onsite. Microsoft Office 365 also offers in-built business continuity, with a 99.9% money-back guarantee ensuring you can always access your data.


Enterprise 3 and 4 packages offer archiving capabilities. Many businesses today are required to archive their emails to ensure they are covered from a legal point of view. Email archiving also reduces the burden on your server, allowing it to work more effectively due to increased space. Archives are also easily searchable allowing access to past emails and a quick way to ensure users are adhering to email policy.

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