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What is Online Backup?

Data loss can severely affect a business with 60% of businesses closing within a year after experiencing major data loss. Online backup allows you to store your business’ data in a secure off-site location to ensure your data is always safe.

What are the Benefits?

Set and Forget

One of the biggest advantages of online backup is that it can be set to automatically back-up as often as you require, without being prompted by the user. You can also choose which pieces of information you want to be backed up.

Secure Data

Your data will be kept secure regardless of what happens to your office (for example fire, virus of even a split cup of coffee). You also receive an additional level of protection as your files are encrypted before leaving your computer which does not automatically happen when backing up on external hard drives or CDs. Sync software will also ensures that even though you are not connected to the internet, your files will be altered accordingly when you are next online.

Easy to Restore

Data is easily recoverable onto any computer. Once your files have been back-up, you can access them anywhere you have an internet connection.

Multiple Backup Locations

Online backup services are able to backup single or multiple site locations to create a consistent and co-ordinated backup procedure.

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